Parents and Children - Identifying Issues

Identifying Issues

Children are resilient

Children and families can be remarkably resilient. We need to be careful not to contaminate them with our worries that they won’t cope. It can be tricky to work out when a child needs extra help and when they are managing in a healthy way.

Is the problem interfering with day to day health and happiness of your child?

Generally, we believe that if a problem is interfering with a child’s day to day life and their general health and happiness, they may require some extra help. It can be a problem if your child has fears that mean that he can’t manage a sleepover with friends. Or, if your child has become aggressive at school and has been suspended, then this is probably a problem that needs some help.

Is the problem persisting or recurring?

Also, if a problem appears to be persisting over time or recurring, then the child may be stuck and could use some extra help.

What is age appropriate behaviour?

While there is no such thing as a “normal” child, it is important to know roughly what can be expected for children at different stages of their development. It may be age-appropriate that your 3 year old is scared of Santa, but it is unusual for an 8 year old to have that problem.