Support for Parents

Supporting parents to support children

A child is very much influenced by the people and environment around her or him. At times, to get the most out of therapy, it is important we work with others in the child’s life. This may mean that we need to have some time alone with the parents to discuss the problem and to give them ideas for responding to the child when they are having problems.

This may be a separate appointments or a part of your child’s session where the child shares with you what he or she has learned and what help they need form you to practice. Sometimes, it is useful for us to work with teachers, too.

It can be frustrating for a parent of a “naughty” child to have them behave so beautifully in a psychology session.

Most often a child does not have problems in the therapy room – problems usually exist in the child’s life outside of therapy – so, we need to be clever about the ways we help the child transfer their new skills to the real world.

Parents are often involved in the “homework” parts of therapy to help the family transition to managing the problems by themselves.tablet-boy

Struggling with parenting

Sometimes parents can have difficulties parenting their children. Bendigo Psychology can provide assessments of parental capacity, bonding and attachment. These assessments can help pinpoint the issues that are affecting parenting and make it easier to pinpoint ways that parents can be helped.

Improving parenting skills

Settling your baby