Help Yourself!

Help Yourself!

Help Yourself! is a series of group education sessions commencing at Bendigo Psychology in 2014. The Help Yourself! program is designed to act as a precursor to, or in conjunction with, individual counselling sessions for those experiencing symptoms of both anxiety and depression. The program is based on Cognitive Behaviour Therapy principles and aims to introduce participants to the fundamentals of good mental health behaviours.

Throughout the six week program individuals will learn about the experience of both anxiety and depression and develop practical strategies for the effective self-management of these conditions. Group sessions will include supporting participants to engage in basic relaxation and breathing exercises, highlighting the role of good sleep hygiene as well as exercise on our mood, and introducing general thought-challenging techniques. Help Yourself! runs for an hour a week with each group consisting of approximately  6 to 8 participants. The emphasis of the program will be on practising each new skill taught between sessions as homework and then reviewing progress the following week.

Help Yourself! participants will be contacted prior to the commencement of this program to provide them with further information, make sure the course is going to be suitable for them, and if it appears that the program is not a good fit for the person, an alternative service may be recommended.

Help Yourself! is not suitable for people at risk of self-harm and/or experiencing significant suicidal thoughts who may need one- to-one counselling.

If you think you, a family member or someone you know might benefit from Help Yourself! discuss it with the individual and/or your GP and contact Bendigo Psychology for upcoming course commencement dates.

Please contact us to register your interest.