About Us

Friendly, caring, qualified clinicians

Bendigo Psychology is a team of caring, qualified, professional and friendly clinicians who come together to provide psychology services to enhance the lives of children, youth and adults.

Located in our professional yet comfortable practice in the city of Bendigo, we provide services to a range of people from the city and the surrounding regional and rural areas. Our administrative staff provide welcoming and efficient support to clients and clinicians to ensure that most of our focus can be on the work of taking care of others.

Beginning practice as a psychologist in early 2000s and establishing her own private practice in 2005, Kim Clancy has undergone considerable growth and development allowing for broader provision of services to a wider range of clients and organisations. Early 2016, Kim and her husband expanded the Kim Clancy & Associates practice incorporating Bendigo Psychology.

Bendigo Psychology is renowned for its professionalism and care and has become a place where more psychologists have been able to contribute expertise in the areas in which they excel.

When needed, we are able to draw upon a considerable pool of knowledge to help assist others.

Despite having diverse interests and experiences, we are all committed to providing:

  • the best of possible care to people who may be struggling,
  • fruitful consultations or workshops for people, organisations or groups that may need some fresh perspective, and
  • professional assessment and recommendations for those who require advice to assist someone or who are required to make difficult decisions about the welfare of others.


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